Magic, The Art Of Making The Impossible Possible
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Welcome, please be seated. I know that many of you do not know much about the subject, so I will use the least technical language possible to help the understanding of those present. First of all, I introduce myself, I am Archmage Llamas and today I will be your host in this conference entitled "magic, the art of making the impossible possible".

Now I will tell you what you are doing here, all of you for some reason or another have a talent for magic and have decided to put it to practical use to make a living in the agency. Maybe by recommendation, maybe because we sought you out, you are all different. But tell me, do any of you know what exactly Magic is? How do you classify the various users of magic? What is magic radiation?

I see some of you are raising your hands to answer my questions. They were rhetorical questions, that's what we're going to talk about today.

Magic has been studied by numerous men throughout history, the dictionary defines it as "set of knowledge and practices with which extraordinary things can be obtained with the help of beings or forces beyond human comprehension", let me tell you that whoever wrote that definition was definitely not a connoisseur of the subject, although it is a good definition for laymen. Some say that magic is the presence of God, and that the absence of magic would imply the absence of God. For the believers of this theory let me tell you that not a single place where magic is not found has yet been discovered, nor one where God cannot reach.

During the raid on Magnus House by the agency 50 years ago, files were discovered detailing the particles that represent magic on the physical plane, the maghiones, something Lemurian scholars once called "the essence of God". And let me tell you, they were not so wrong, for in conjunction with the other 3 magic particles they are fundamental to the continued existence of the whole.

Magic is manipulable in all aspects, from its form and composition, to its quantity and flexibility. Magic is present in all types of motion, from the physical motion of matter to that of the universe. The problem with magic is that it tends to entropy, to chaos. So it is our job to maintain the stability of the universe, there is even a group of thaumaturgists who are looking for a way to prevent universal thermal death. What were we talking about? Ah, the types of mystic arts users.

Although there are various magic users around the world, we can divide them into 4. Wizards, sorcerers, witches and oracles. I know there are illusionists, arcanists and magic users beyond human comprehension; but we will talk about that in the next session.

Magicians are those of us who have dedicated our entire lives to the study of magic. As you may already know, although magicians are the most numerous, not all are equally talented. The talent to learn magic depends on your physical and mental capabilities, although I like to say that it depends on how much you have worn out your eyesight reading endless codices… And no guys, the handwriting of a magician is not ugly. They say that because in ancient times grimoires had to be transcribed by hand and only the most skilled could use magic-imbued pens. Nowadays it's a useless gimmick that helps me write reports while I'm talking to you, but let's stop rambling.

Sorcerers… As you may already know, they were hunted for years for being seen as cursed existences, as they are capable of extraordinary feats and bring calamity to the world. They are born with the innate ability to use magic, the only problem with this is that the risk of death at birth is 97%. There are rituals to make your descendants wizards, but I have never discovered a successful case of such rituals, and believe me I have used unconventional methods during my research. At best you will end up sterile, at worst… They don't want to know. The only thing I will tell them is to never try it as it is impossible.

Warlocks are those who have made a deal with a demon, a lesser god, a being from beyond the sky or even an extradimensional entity. The most famous sorcerer in modern history was Vladimir Strelnikov, a man of Russian origin who made a deal with Dionysus to gain the ability to turn water into wine. If it weren't for him we wouldn't have the gift bottles to take away at the end of the conference.

And, last but not least, oracles. It is said that oracles are chosen by a particular type of energy, by a god or demigod, and even by the world itself, granting abilities to alter reality itself. I regret to tell you that none of this has been proven, the only certainty is that the abilities are gained randomly when an oracle dies and, in extraordinary cases, at the time of birth. That is why rich nations are hiring oracles from poorer nations. They have the ability to know the secrets of the intricate magical network that surrounds it all a form of magic. Their use of magic is much more subtle as they slightly alter the magical fabric, but the more powerful ones can alter the fabric of reality itself. So tell me, why create an illusion when you can alter reality?

Magic is vast and incredibly complex, no wonder generations and generations of magic users have studied it. Here's a fact, human beings are naturally non-magical, what does that mean? That is why it is so rare for a wizard to survive the first few minutes after birth, it is said among the thaumaturgical community that the wizards who survive are the weakest. There are numerous studies behind this, but the birth of a warlock is rare so we don't have enough data to confirm or deny it, personally I think it is probably true.

A few mentionable users are the clerics, they are against witchcraft, but their powers are obtained through faith to a superior being, a deal very similar to what certain witches do with some demonic entities. That is why clerics fall into the category of witches. That reminds me of arcanists, magicians who obtain knowledge thanks to myths and legends transmitted orally from generation to generation. It's a shame that their craft is on its way to extinction after many of their secrets were published in written books.

But not everything is rosy when it comes to being a magic user, there is something called magical radiation. This radiation can come from receiving or being a victim of magical attacks or benefits, an area especially irradiated by magical activity, whether it be residual magic from a battle between mages or the unconscionable use of magic. In conclusion, we call magical radiation to any disturbance generated in the magical fields, this can impact in different ways on the health of the individual.

Constant exposure to magical radiation generates various mutations in the individual, depending on the type of magic that generated the magical radiation. As many of you may have noticed during the presentation, my body lacks shadow and when I walk my footsteps do not generate sound. It is the result of being exposed to the magical radiation I generated one day when I used a massive stealth spell, I did better than the patriarch of the school of magic specializing in botany, he was promoted from magician to subject of study. All kidding aside, you should always be careful with magical radiation.

As I mentioned earlier, there are 4 basic particles essential in magic. Maghions, aetheriums, psions and dynamions. If you wish to know more about this I invite you to attend the lecture of my colleague Dr. Wiki.

With this I bid you farewell, at the exit you will be given a complimentary bottle of wine for attending this conference. If you are interested in studying the magical arts there are openings after the Site 37 incident …..

Don't worry, in most cases your magions will not get out of control and will not explode the first time you use magic. That only happens under certain unlikely circumstances. Have a nice day.

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